Welcome to the Campaign Finance Reporting Search. This page allows the public to search, browse and even download information from campaign finance reports filed with the Pennsylvania Department of State (DOS), Bureau of Commissions, Elections & Legislation (BCEL).

The Department of State has been collecting and providing this information online since the first campaign finance reporting cycle of the year in early 1998. The database contains information from reports for statewide candidates only for 1998 and 1999.  Beginning in 2000, the database contains information from all reports filed by all candidates for public office, as well as their affiliated and supporting committees.

This Campaign Finance Reporting database contains information from only those reports that are filed with the Department of State.  Candidates for Federal and Party offices and their affiliated and supporting committees are not required to file with the Department of State, so their reports will not be in this database.  Federal candidates are subject to filing requirements of the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).  The FEC has an online database for campaign finance reports at http://www.fec.gov.

You can search for a specific campaign finance report by filer name, year, reporting cycle code and a number of other parameters.

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