All candidates, registered political committees and contributing lobbyists who file their campaign finance reports with the Secretary of the Commonwealth are now able to record their campaign finance data in the Department's online filing database and submit their reports over the Internet. Filing reports through our new system is a safe and time saving process that provides filers with several additional benefits
  • If you currently file paper reports, you will now be able to maintain your records online and submit your report at the filing deadline with a click of your mouse.
  • If you now use third-party software to prepare your reports and file on diskette, you will be able to upload the data from the software and submit it online to the Department's database.
  • You can print copies of the reports from our new program to file with the county boards of elections or for record keeping.
  • You will be able to update report information frequently through the reporting period through the Edit process, making it easier to compile the final report as the deadline nears.
  • No need to add or subtract. The program will calculate dollar totals based on the data you enter.
  • You will not need to separate contributions into categories; simply select whether the contribution was from a political committee or other, and the program will separate them based on the type of contributor and the amount contributed.
Filers are aware that the Election Code requires the submission of notarized affidavits with their reports. The affidavits are printed on the cover page of the Campaign Finance Report. If you submit a report online, you must print the cover page of the report, execute the affidavit(s) and have them notarized, and mail the affidavits to the Department of State. Reports must be submitted by the filing deadline; the affidavits must be received in the Department no later than ten calendar days after the filing deadline.

You may prepare a Campaign Finance Statement online, although the statement cannot be submitted online. You must print the one-page statement, sign it, have it notarized, and mail it to the Department of State by the filing deadline.

The Department will continue to accept reports filed by paper, diskette or CD. The reports must be accompanied by the affidavits on the report cover page, and must be received by the filing deadline to be timely. Disks and CDs must meet the Department's technical specifications.

In order to file reports online, you must obtain a Commonwealth 'Universal Log In' user ID and password, as well as apply to the Department of State for approval. Selecting the link below will forward you to the appropriate screen(s) for the registration/login/application. If you previously obtained a 'Universal Log In' user ID, you will be prompted to log into the system. If this is the first time that you've applied to file online for a filer, you will then be forwarded to an application screen. You must use the Filer Identification Number that is assigned by the Department. For approval to file reports on behalf of more than one filer, you can enter multiple Filer ID's at the bottom of the application screen. Once you have registered for both a 'Universal Log In' and applied to file online, selecting the link below will automatically forward you either to the login screen (if you are not currently logged in) or to the list of filers for whom you have been granted access.

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